7 Crucial Project Management Tools Features, Have You Checked?

By Meidiana Apriliani | Published On: 29 June 2021
7 Crucial Project Management Tools Features, Have You Checked?

Are you looking for project management tools for your project? Or have you even decided which one? But wait, first make sure these 7 important and crucial features are in it!

Choosing project management tools can indeed be called “easy but difficult”. But, don’t let this mistake in choosing make an “easy” job being “difficult”. You have to checking all aspects contained in the apps. Starting from the features itself, visualization, mobility, to language. At least, there are 7 crucial features that must be present in a good project management tool. Check out the reviews that Tomps.id has summarized below.

7 Mandatory Features of Good Project Management Tools

1. Collaboration and Communication Feature

“Again about communication and collaboration, it’s so boring”

Indeed, talking about these two aspects when discussing project management features might can sound boring and clichéd. But, we certainly can’t deny that the main purpose of creating project management tools is of course to improve these two things, right?

Therefore, it is important for you to find features that simplify the flow of communication and collaboration between teams in the project management tools that you want. Features in this category may appear in the form of project team invites, chat messengers, collaborative dashboards, and so on. The goal is to make the team aware of how far the project is progressing, what their and other teams’ tasks are, to open an interactive discussion room.

2. Project Planning and Scheduling Feature

Have decided to use a project management tool but don’t have project planning and scheduling built in? Are you sure?

One of the main needs for project management tools that is often found is to make a list of planning and scheduling tasks. With this, you no longer have to worry about the team getting confused about the task list and deadlines. The hope, of course, is to avoid project delays that can cause cost overruns. So, make sure this feature is also installed. 

3. Update Task Features

There is a built-in system for planning and scheduling but having trouble getting progress updates status. Wow, that can be dangerous!

Notifications such as to notify work that is approaching the deadline, submission of approval, information on the latest project status, to issue reports that occur in the field will certainly be needed. Without this, it will certainly feel like myopic eyes and tight ears because you can’t easily see or hear project activities updates.

4. Project Monitoring Feature

Knowing the percentage of completion, the stage that worked on, the comparison of work result and reported evidence, to how much budget is spent, of course you need all of these. All of these activities are usually set in the project monitoring feature. This feature is also one of the crucial features of a project management tool, or we can even call it the “heart” of the system. Therefore, it is important to see how far this project monitoring feature fits your needs.

5. Project Cost Feature

One of the reasons why good project management skills are a must for the entire team is to control project cost efficiency. Even traditional project management systems are often unable to minimize deviations and errors when managing them. Because of this, a digital system that is more secure, transparent, and detailed for managing project budgets, must have good project management tools.

6. Reporting and Team Performance Feature

In addition to the feature to run the project activity itself, we certainly need a feature to generate automatic reports, right?

Imagine if the project management tools you chose made you still have to input and create reports manually, it would be very inconvenient. So, make sure the project management application you are using has automatically generated various types of reports for you. Like summary report, report by value, report by release, to graphs such as Gantt Chart and S-Curve. In addition, the feature to view team performance reports in the field should also be noted. This will help you to analyze and evaluate the team in the future or next project.

7. Open Integration and Customization Feature

Open to integration and customization is also inevitable for a project management tool to have. For example, you already have your own internal finance application and want to integrate it with the new pm tools. Of course it will be troublesome and disappointing if this can’t be done right?

Not to mention the level of suitability of a project management tool with a project scope that is often not the same, of course requiring customization solutions in it. This is to make users really feel at ease when switching to a digital system, not to make them confused in doing their work.

TOMPS, All-in-One Project Management Tools

If you need a professional project management software that is equipped with various strategic and important features to manage a small, medium, to large scale project, then Tomps.id can be one of the best answers. Why?

Tomps comes with a variety of smart project management features that help you manage projects in end-to-end way. From the initiation step to closing. Some of these features include:

✔ Project Scheduling, Planner, and Completion

✔ Project Tracking 

✔ Project Cost

✔ Project Appraisal

✔ Document & Evidence Repository

✔ Unlimited Cloud

✔ Role Access Management

✔ Vendors Performance Report

✔ Automatic Project Reports

✔ Gantt Chart & S-Curve

✔ Geo-Map Tagging & Visualization

✔ API Integration

✔ Customization-Friendly

How Can Tomps Help You?


Monitor all projects in an easy, attractive, and automated dashboard

Tomps provides an all-in-one Dashboard feature so you can quickly view summary reports of all projects that being managed. You can access this summary report through various types of dashboards. Like Project Dashboard, Finance Dashboard, BAST Dashboard, Appraisal Dashboard, Project Cost Dashboard, to Online User.

All of the above information is neatly arranged in the available graphic charts and curves. Say goodbye to those troublesome manual reports!


See the progress directly with the online integrated system

Furthermore, you can also plan the project details according to the desired time with the project implementer. Set project parameters and invite team and stakeholders to collaborate dashboard. Tomps also lets you create a project due date according to the deadline.

After the project details have been created, you can now easily carry out project control and project tracking. Teams in the field will easily report the amount of work along with evidence from the field in end-to-end, real-time, and on-cloud systems.

The team will also easily see the schedule and details of the next work unit on projects that are being managed on the Tomps system. Not only that, you can also track the status of the project whether it is currently in the Initiating, In Progress, or Closing. All this work can also be done via a smartphone with the Tomps mobile apps. Feel the ease of completing projects in one click!


Get detailed and transparent project data reports in real-time!

Often confused with the reporting of complex and large data? Don’t worry, you can now easily report project progress with Tomps!

Tomps makes you find it easy to compile and view current project reviews and reports. Tomps smart project management system provides the various types of reports that you need to report to multiple stakeholders.

Starting from General Report, Summary Report, Project Team Performance, PO Report, Issue Report, Gantt Chart, to S-Curve. Everything will be automatically created by the system in real-time and transparently according to what is happening in the field. So, you no longer need to manually compile daily, weekly, or monthly reports!


Manage your project budget to avoid cost overruns.

Tomps project management software can also minimize the possibility of fraud and cost overruns in projects. This is because of the availability of the Project Cost feature for your project. carry out budget planning activities and monitoring material cost submissions accompanied by detailed evidence. The existence of the Geo-Maps feature allows you to know the accurate location where evidence is uploaded to the system, so that projects can run more transparently, effectively, and efficiently.

Why are Tomps Project Management Way Better Than Others?

1. Securing Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Tomps helps you save on capital expenditures in projects. The trick is to minimize repetitive work, control the quality of work in the field and streamline your project operational costs. Digitizing project management with smart features from Tomps increases the opportunity to save costs and completion time on your projects.

2. Loss and Profit Opportunities

Switching to using Tomps as your project management tool brings the following two positive impacts: Minimizing opportunities for loss, and maximizing efficiency and profits.

3. Customization by Operation Model

Want a project management application that fits many scopes of the project that you are running? All of that can be easily customized with Tomps!

Tomps maximizes the fun experience of digitizing project management by our apps. Then, you can make small to large adjustments to maximize convenience in user’s perspective. 

4. On-Cloud and On-Premise Securities

We also provide easy options for managing your data projects in On-Cloud or On-Premise way. Digital security of project data will be completely safe in your control. 


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