Which Is Better? 15 Best Project Management Software 2021

By Meidiana Apriliani | Published On: 3 June 2021
Which Is Better? 15 Best Project Management Software 2021

If asked to choose one of the best project management applications, what would you expect to have in it?

Again and again, this sentence returns, “project management is not as easy as snapping fingers” or we can explain it with the words “project management is difficult”. Even a project manager with a dozen years of experience, they seems to always have its own difficult point when handling a project. Because like fingerprints, not all projects have the same repeating pattern, they have their own characteristics, as well as how to manage them.

At this stage, the project manager must of course find the best way to control everything that happens when the project is running, from initiating to closing. One of the best options you can take is to use a specific system such as project management software. Unfortunately, not all project management software matches the characteristics of your project. You have to match the features and other elements offered by the application whether they suit your needs and project management style.

Instead of being confused about choosing one of the many project management software that is released on the market, just take a look at these 15 best project management software 2021 that you may not know about below! 

Recommended 15 Project Management Applications With Interesting Features

15. Trello

The first best project management software that we will discuss is Trello. Through this software, you can feel the ease of collaborating to complete a simple project with a team. This is because Trello provides various features such as boards, cards, scheduling, urgency labels, and so on.

14. Projecto

Next in line is a project management software called Projecto. Already available in the mobile version Projecto comes with a simple design interface to help you accommodate ongoing projects. This application provides features such as Visual KPIs and Smart Notifications which are certainly useful so that the whole team knows what their responsibilities are and the progress of completion.

13. TeamGantt

True to its name, TeamGantt offers a pleasant experience in viewing Gantt Charts. Through this app, you can do planning, scheduling, and many project management activities on one platform. This software also offers a feature to invite clients and related teams to collaborate on your project’s Gantt Chart.

12. Monday

Confused about choosing the right template to manage each to-do list according to your project type? Maybe you can take a look at the offer from Monday. 

This one offers more than 200 workflows that may suit your project workspace. So, you no longer need to worry about the shape or design of the board, ideally what your project will look like with this application. It doesn’t just stop there, Monday can also be integrated with other platforms such as Gmail or Ms Office if you need this at any time.

11. Ora

Having a glance similar to the three previous, Ora is probably one of the interesting project management software for you to use. In this app, you can create a list or card for each job status such as “To do” “In Progress” or “Done”. Adapting the Kanban system, Ora also facilitates you with “Team Chat” to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams.

10. ProofHub

Released in 2011, this application also provides various features that make it easier to manage your projects systematically. When accessing this app, you will see various menus such as “Announcements”, “Projects”, “Project Status”, and others. This one also offers convenience in integrating it with various popular platforms such as Dropbox, Onedrive, and so on.

9. Smart Sheet

Smartsheet Inc. also doesn’t want to miss joining the market for its project management products through Smartsheet. 

As the name implies, this application offers structured sheets to help you monitor the progress and current status of your project. Smartsheet also claims to be relatable in various industries such as healthcare, education, financial services, to federal government. To better enjoy the features it offers, you can choose from the various types of business packages they offer. Starting from Individual, Business, to Enterprise.

8. Zoho

Having trouble mapping out a list of tasks and their current status of achievements?

This may be resolved with Zoho. Through this application, you can create a digital Kanban with job statuses such as “Open”, “In Progress”, “To Be Tested” to “Closed”. Zoho might be a good choice for those of you who want to complete a simple project with full collaboration between team members.

7. Wrike

Need project management software with large storage space? Wrike may be one option. Based in San Jose, California, this software offers 2 GB of storage space. Similar to Proofhub, a product made by Wrike Inc. it also offers easy integration with various platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.

6. Shift

In sixth place, there is a project management software called Shift. This app is suitable for those of you who want to monitor your projects simply via a smartphone. Through this app, you can enter project lists, work lists, scheduling, appoint teams, to store your project data in the cloud.

5. FreedCamp

If you want a project management software with an impression that is starting to go professional, maybe FreedCamp can be one of your choices. 

Released in 2010 in Santa Barbara, California, FreedCamp offers various features that are common in various other project management app such as To-Do, Milestone, Calendar to the unique and eye-catching. An example is the Time Tracker which will make you focus on your work because it works the same way as a stopwatch.

4. Milanote

If you have been confusing about organizing the ideas and work on your project on a simple board, Milanote might be solved this. 

Milanote is a project management application that features visually organize. This thing then makes this application suitable for those of you who are running projects in the arts or creative fields. You can flexibly drag and drop each project card and photo in it.

3. OrangeScrum

Looking for a project management software that is suitable for medium to low scale? How about this one project management app, OrangeScrum!

Overall, the features in this one app look not much different from the dozens of previous application names. Starting from the Task Management, Gantt Chart, Task Report, and others. Overall, the application is reliable enough to help your projects that may not be large and complex in scale.

2. Fieldwire

From the logo it carries alone, you can certainly guess what industry this project management application is targeting, right?

Yes, Fieldwire is a project management application that focuses itself to use in the construction field. Not surprisingly, if some of the features in this app are designed according to the terms in this field. Such as Construction Inspection, Signature Block, to Detailed Building Inspection.

1. Tomps.id

Finally, we arrived at position #1. In this order is the Tomps.id project management software!

If you need a project management application with a professional impression that is equipped with various strategic and important features for managing a medium to large scale project, then Tomps.id can be one of the best answers. Why?

This application is equipped with various features to manage projects end-to-end from initiation to closing. This is because Tomps.id has many strategic features like:

  1. Project Scheduling, Planner, and Completion
  2. Project Report
  3. Project Cost
  4. Project Appraisal
  5. Vendors Performance Report
  6. Evidence File Repository
  7. Geo-Map Visualization
  8. Gantt Chart & S-Curve
  9. Role Management

Not only that, Tomps.id project management software also offers convenience in customizing and integrating API (Application Programming Interface) with other systems. This is what makes Tomps.id widely usable in various project domains and makes it more user-friendly for its users. Starting from being used as project management applications for construction, property, telecommunications, maritime, agribusiness, oil & gas, federal government, healthcare, R&D (Research and Development), and others.

Those are the recommendations for the 15 best project management software that Tomps.id has summarized for you. Always update the latest information about project management things here with Tomps.id, your project management solution!

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