6 Project Management Challenge That Project Manager Must Overcome

| Published On: 21 January 2022
6 Project Management Challenge That Project Manager Must Overcome

Whom project manager that doesn’t want a quiet project without a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, the project is a complex activity that is often plagued with classic and new problems that can come suddenly.

In project management, there are 3 pillars that overshadow it, People, Process, and Tools. As the spearhead of a project, the project manager has to optimize these three aspects in the project they manage. However, ensuring this pillar can run dynamically certainly requires a lot of effort, thought, and time. Therefore, project managers can take advantage of tools that make their work easier.

One form of project management tool that has been developed by current technology is project management apps. The tools offered in project management apps also vary. Starting from those that function to track various work activities, to complex ones, such as to see how the project has achieved the desired goal or not. The higher potential of the problems to arise, the more tools are needed to manage them.

6 Main Project Management Challenge

Project management is an art, art of managing constraints. Working on a project is not easy and simple. Behind it, there is a long and complex sequence of processes, like the constraints that surround it. Starting from limited resources to systems that are not yet integrated. Here are 6 main problems that often hinder project progress: 

  1. Limited Resource
  2. Inaccurate Report vs Realization
  3. Complex Report
  4. Unintegrated System
  5. Time-Consuming and Expensive
  6. Takes Time for Decision Making

Tomps Project Management Apps Smart Features

If you need a project management application with a professional impression that is equipped with various strategic and important features for managing a small, medium, to large scale project, then Tomps can be one of the best answers. Why?

Tomps comes with a variety of smart project management features that help you manage projects end-to-end. From the initiation stage to closing. Some of these features include:

✔ Project Scheduling, Planner, and Completion

✔ Project Tracking 

✔ Project Cost

✔ Project Appraisal

✔ Document & Evidence Repository

✔ Unlimited Cloud

✔ Role Access Management

✔ Vendors Performance Report

✔ Automatic Project Reports

✔ Gantt Chart & S-Curve

✔ Geo-Map Tagging & Visualization

✔ API Integration

✔ Customization-Friendly

Why are Tomps Project Management Apps Excellent?

1. Securing Capex

With Tomps, you can control your capital expenditure budget optimally. The digitization of project management with smart features from Tomps increases the opportunity for maximum budget absorption.

2. Opportunity Loss and ProfitUsing Tomps as your project management tool brings the following two positive impacts: minimizing loss opportunities, and maximizing efficiency and profit.

3. Customization by Operating Model

Want a user-friendly project management apps with personalization? You can do it easily with Tomps! Tomps maximizes the fun experience of digitizing project management with customization and integration. This certainly can maximize the ease of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and monitoring the progress of your project.

4. On-Cloud and On-Premise

Tomps provides easy options for managing your project data both On-Cloud and On-Premise. Say goodbye to piles of scattered project documents and limited online spreadsheet storage space!


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