5 Tips to Increase Project Management Productivity

By Gebiya Putri | Published On: 1 March 2022
5 Tips to Increase Project Management Productivity

Has Tom-Mates often had problems maintaining team productivity in carrying out project management so far? In general, in carrying out project management, maintaining a good planning process will determine the sustainability of the project going forward. Meanwhile, if the planning is good without proper execution and control, the project will run far from the original plan.


Here are 5 tips to increase the productivity of the project management team that you must practice, namely:

1. Make sure the project plan has clearly for all stakeholders

The project plan that has been defined must have a map or clear instructions for all stakeholders. By having a clear map or instructions, each stakeholder will carry out their respective duties, roles, and responsibilities so that a common goal can be achieved. Often, a project is hampered not because of external factors alone, but internal factors that do not understand the map or instructions for where a project will be taken. A project can run and be completed on time with the participation of all stakeholders. This is where the role of a project manager is to communicate so that stakeholders understand and can be invited to work together for the continuity of the project going according to plan.


2. Set milestones to complete the project

After creating a big plan for a project, break it down into small steps to make it easier for you to measure each achievement that brings you closer to the original big plan. Use your list of small step-by-step accomplishments to set smaller goals and the tasks that must be done to achieve the overall goal. Establish an acceptable timeframe, taking into account the productivity, availability, and efficiency of project team members. Your Milestones should have :

  • Clear, concise, and written in easy language
  • Expressed in a certain amount or quantity to be achieved in a certain period. Numbers or quantities make it easier for people to measure their achievements.
  • Realistic to achieve because setting impractical and unrealistic targets will frustrate and demotivate stakeholders, delay the project, and exceed project costs.
  • Completed within a concrete timeframe. If you need to adjust the timeline for your accomplishments, note when and why you did it. Avoid making changes in the dark, such as changing deadlines without notifying your team and important stakeholders. Make sure you understand and document each of these small steps according to the original plan. To facilitate the process of monitoring reports in the field, you can use Tomps to take advantage of the live report feature in real-time and transparently.

3. Choose the individual who fits the team’s needs

For planning to go well, the presence and role of people who match the needs of the team will greatly determine how the project runs. Each team member must understand what kind of work they must do effectively. Otherwise, misunderstandings can cause the project to run outside the initial plan which means it will have an impact on the final project result. So that all team members understand, schedule regular meetings to discuss strategies and ask for their advice in determining the best method for completing tasks. Not only will this help you be more efficient, but it will also help you gain their support as they will feel more engaged in the process.

4. Anticipate risks and take action to minimize impacts

Identifying risks as early as possible in your project is mandatory. Consider what you will do if there is a risk that occurs and what actions must be taken to minimize the impact that occurs. Regarding possible risks, you don’t need to plan backward for every potential negative event, but you should spend some time with your team brainstorming what went wrong. Using project management such as Tomps  will help you and your response team to see risks because of the centralized control features and real-time conditions in the field.

5. Prepare a budget for your project

The tough task that must be done by the project manager is to ensure that the planned budget is by the costs spent during project implementation. Refraining from allocating a certain amount of money to project needs is very important, which must be able to distinguish which ones are needed, need, and want. You may need to look for offers from several different vendors to keep costs down to fit the budget that was set at the start of the project.

Collaborative workspaces, whether online or offline, should be set up for your project so that all parties can monitor its progress. Make sure you have a centralized system so that stakeholders, teams, and all involved can easily find out about every process, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Going forward whether you use project management software or not, the most important thing is that you know how to run projects effectively and efficiently.


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