Building Management: Definition, Service and Advantages

By Admin Tomps | Published On: 1 April 2024
Building Management: Definition, Service and Advantages

For owners or operators of all kinds of buildings, for example, for industrial, logistical, or other building, it is important to manage the building so that it is durable and safe.

If the building management system is used properly and regularly, then it will be very effective in monitoring and managing the building technically. What exactly is the building manager and what's the service? Find out also the advantages of using the building management system below.

Building Management Definition

Building management is the maintenance of buildings related to physical and structural care. Examples are the management of fire alarm systems, elevators, and so on. Besides, building cleaning, park layout, and security systems are also included. Every office building or other building usually has a building manager to oversee its management.

Building management is not new, but the management system or software has surely only emerged after technology has evolved. A building management system is a computer-based controlled command system designed to monitor and automatically control the technical installation of a building to ensure that the condition of the building is compliant.

The building management system consists of hardware and software components. Both components work together to coordinate the use of tools in the building, such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, and security systems.

A very basic modern building management system usually consists of servers with databases and smart sensors connected to the Internet. Intelligent sensors will work to collect data in the building and send it to the system, then store it in the database. If the sensor reports data beyond its intended condition, then the system will trigger an alarm.

Building Management Service

The services available in building management vary in shape, depending on the resources available. Here are some of the frequently used building management services:

  1. Building Management Services
  2. Building Maintenance Services
  3. Housekeeping Services
  4. Cleaning Service
  5. Building cleaning service.

Advantages of Building Management System

Why use a modern building management system and not manually? There are, of course, advantages that can not be presented by a traditional system. Here are some advantages of a modern building management system:

  • Improve Energy Efficiency

What does energy have to do with building management? Of course very connected. With the building management system, the various equipment inside the building can be integrated into one easily monitored system.

If there's a broken electronic device, if it's not handled immediately, it can lead to a waste of electricity, but thanks to a well-running building management system, things like this can be avoided. Problem handling can run faster, so you don't have to waste your energy.

  • Better maintenance

The building management system allows the building manager to monitor the condition of the building in real time at all times. If something is not working as it should, then the manager will find it faster. Maintenance of a building can run better than not using this system at all.

  • Increase Comfort and Safety

Untreated buildings will not be comfortable to live or work. For example, the lights are gone over here and there. The cooling system doesn't work either, maybe the water's stuck.

Different from a well-managed building with the best building management system. If something is not working properly or something is broken, then it can be dealt with quickly, so that comfort and security can be improved.

  • Increase Productivity

Building management systems can increase productivity seen from all sides. First of all, a good building management system will save maintenance staff time. This is because the alarms are delivered on time, so if there is any damage can be resolved as soon as possible. If the damage is severe, it will take a long time to repair it.

When maintenance staff finish work quickly, they can do other tasks again. They can also focus more on other jobs that require high skills. Thus, maintenance staff have better skills related to their field. A well-managed building will also increase the productivity of people who work or live in the building.

  • Sustainability of the living environment

The implementation of a modern building management system allows the building owners to reduce the adverse impact of the building on the living environment. The easiest example is the use of air conditioning in an office building. With so many rooms and workers coming every day, it takes a cooling system that works well to work comfortably.

If the air conditioning is not managed, then there may be a system that can't work properly. Therefore, the air that's broken and left behind for a long time can damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Well, if the building uses a modern building management system, then the system will recognize if the refrigerator is not working as it should. The system will trigger an alarm to improve the condition. The building manager would take action, like calling technicians to repair the cooling system in time, before it gets worse.

  • Return on Investment

At first, the cost of investing in a building management system may be quite large, but the benefits can be achieved over a long period of time. For example, by increasing energy efficiency, it can reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

Building management systems can also yield significant returns on investments over time. Implementation of building management systems also greatly helps building owners and managers to meet building compliance requirements, avoid companies being subjected to expensive fines, and enhance the role of the building in reducing the adverse impact on the environment.

Choose a reliable building management system!

Building management is crucial to keeping the building awake and functioning properly. This requires a reliable building management system like Tomps. As a service for project, asset, and building management systems, Tomps offers a service that is easy to monitor because of its modern and user-friendly appearance.

Using Tomps as a building management service can help the company's credibility. Tomps' performance is reliable because he has served both governmental and private organizations such as Kemenkes, Kemenparekraf, Kemkominfo, First International Shipping, and more. Just go straight to the website to find out all the Tomps services!

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