Digitalization of Building Operations with Tomps Building: Menara Binakarsa

By Vivian Arletta Rahmadanty | Published On: 1 November 2023
Digitalization of Building Operations with Tomps Building: Menara Binakarsa

Rapid technological developments have made digital products the backbone of modern society and help in activities ranging from communication to work. This encourages companies to transform following technological developments, as is the case with PT Binakarsa, which has utilised modern technology to improve performance and effectiveness in managing business properties.

Menara Binakarsa

Menara Binakarsa, managed by PT Binakarsa, is a contemporary office building located in the Central Business District (CBD), the office centre of Jakarta. With a total building area of 14,000 square metres, this office is located at Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav C-18 and can be rented. Menara Binakarsa operates in various business sectors, including property, construction, building management, security services, and parking services.

Menara Binakarsa operates in the office building rental sector; therefore, digitising management and technician management, which are still manual, as well as the payment process, is the focus of the problem to be overcome. In this case, Tomps Building is here to be a modern solution to overcome manual building management.

When owning an office building rental business, digitalization allows tenants and office space providers to manage finances more efficiently. Rental payments and other related transactions can be automated, reducing the risk of late payments. It also allows real-time monitoring of cash flow and budgets.

Application of the Tomps Building in the Management of the Binakarsa Tower Building

Tomps Building is a platform to help manage building operations, bringing innovation to help Menara Binakarsa overcome complex management challenges. By utilising sophisticated digital technology, Tomps Building helps Menara Binakarsa manage its properties in a more organised and structured manner. Using Tomps Building allows the management team to monitor and manage building rentals easily. Data regarding financial management, billing, input from tenants, and other potential problems can be easily and accurately accessed through Tomps Building.

In managing the Binakarsa Tower building, Tomps Building provides several benefits, including:

Digitalization of Payment Processes

In the increasingly advanced digital era, a fundamental change that occurs in business activities is the payment process. The digitalization of payment processes has transformed business payments as a whole, enabling unprecedented efficiencies and providing benefits for all parties. Transaction activities are an important key to the running of a business. Therefore, it is important to gain efficiency in the transaction process.

In this case, Tomps Building helps Menara Binakarsa carry out transaction activities using digital payment methods. This method makes it possible to carry out payment activities via electronic devices, thereby providing convenience to tenants and business owners. By digitising the payment process, Menara Binakarsa can maintain building tenant satisfaction, avoid late payments, and increase operational efficiency, which are key elements for success in the property rental business.

Monitor and Analyse Bills

Tomps Building, with its advanced features, can monitor bills in real-time; there is no need to wait for monthly financial reports or physical checks of bills. With real-time access to billing information, they can quickly identify and address financial issues. This can help to prevent late payments and ensure cash flow. Accurate bill analysis and monitoring can also ensure that Menara Binakarsa provides better services to tenants. By improving facilities, tenants will become more satisfied and tend to renew their contracts and recommend the property to others.

Building Data Management

In an increasingly complex business world, building management is no longer just about physics but also about data. Timely and accurate information is key to optimising operations, improving the tenant experience, and reducing unnecessary costs. In the midst of these challenges, Tomps Building is here as a solution that integrates advanced technology to help Menara Binakarsa manage building data more efficiently.

Monitor Technician Jobs

Modern property management faces increasingly complex challenges, including routine maintenance and repairs. Technician work is an important element in keeping property in top condition, and Tomps Building has arrived as a solution to help Menara Binakarsa make it easier to monitor technician work using the latest technology.

One of the main advantages of Tomps Building is its ability to provide real-time monitoring of technician work. By using an integrated app or platform, building owners can see where technicians are located, the status of their work, and estimated completion times. This allows managers to allocate resources more efficiently and avoid overlapping work.

Data Management

Data is a valuable asset and an important element in modern business. Good data management can help companies improve operational efficiency and data security. In this case, Tomps Building helps Menara Binakarsa to be able to manage building data in an organised manner, starting from building data, complaints, tenants, and technicians. The data held can also be accessed by related parties.


In the increasingly complex world of the property business, easy management of building data is the key to success. Tomps Building provides solutions that integrate advanced technology with property management, resulting in efficiencies, cost savings, and a better tenant experience. With the ability to access real-time data, property managers can make smarter decisions and keep buildings in top condition.

Tomps Building has proven to be a digital solution to improve building property management for Menara Binakarsa. By using the Tomps Building digital platform, Menara Binakarsa can experience many benefits in managing their buildings. Tomps Building, which can monitor building properties in real-time and remotely, helps Menara Binakarsa develop their building rental management more effectively. Then, with the digital building management platform from Tomps Building, the Menara Binakarsa management team can more easily monitor the building and be more organised.

Moreover, Tomps Building Management Software also acts as an application that helps Menara Binakarsa better manage building rental property risks. With Tomps Building's advanced data analysis features, companies can identify potential risks and determine appropriate preventive actions. This can help to maintain business stability, reduce disruptions, and ensure that the business achieves the expected targets.

Thus, Menara Binakarsa has increased operational efficiency with the acceptance of modern technology through the Tomps Building. Menara Binakarsa has improved the operational efficiency and management quality of their office rental properties. In the digital era that allows technology to continue to develop, platforms such as Tomps Building are the key to maintaining company integration and achievements in an increasingly complex and competitive market. With a continuous commitment to following developments in digital technology, Menara Binakarsa is prepared to face future challenges and realise its goals as an office rental business.

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