7 Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager

By Admin Tomps | Published On: 14 December 2020
7 Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager

Project manager, this one figure certainly has an important role in the stability of a project. Here’s the roles and responsibilities of project manager that you better to know.

Without the role of a reliable project manager, a project will not run effectively and efficiently until it reaches the desired target. However, before talking further, do you already know the role and responsibility of a project manager?

What is The Role of a Project Manager?

Project manager can be defined as a person who has a responsibility to drive the project management strategy with the main objective of achieving project goals. This is in line with the definition of a project manager according to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK Guide), which is someone who is responsible for managing a project. In simple terms, the project manager is the leader or spearhead of a project.

In the realm of construction, project managers are also known as construction managers. Both are tasked with managing the course of a project, project managers are more specific because they move to achieve the success of a construction business project. Of course, with the aim of getting the maximum profit. Although project managers can be classified in various project domains, their role remains the same, namely managing company projects properly to achieve the target or main goal of the project.

What are The Responsibilities of a Project Manager?

Project manager is the leader of a project, that is why project manager has a vital task in a project. Starting from making plans, allocating teams, mitigating risks, to making reports for stakeholders. Here are 7 project manager responsilibities in a project:

1. Make a Project Plan

Before entering the execution process, it is necessary to make detailed planning for a project. Starting from determining the budget, scope, timeline, resources, to the main goals to be achieved. All these things are certainly carried out and led by the project manager.

2. Allocating Task Units To Teams

The project manager certainly doesn’t work alone, but with the great team behind it. After making a plan that includes the selection of human resources (HR), the project manager does not forget to place them in teams that are relevant to project needs and their specifications. This team is given responsibility for task units in a project. The determination of the task unit and the responsible team must be made clear in order to avoid ambiguity after the project enters the execution stage.

After the project is running, the project manager is also tasked with controlling their work so that it is always on-the-track by conducting discussions and brainstorming together. This should be done regularly to monitor work unit status, team progress, and reallocate required resources.

3. Forming Effective Team Communication

Another main responsibility of a project manager is to ensure that communication within the team remains effective. Communication within this team includes a list of tasks, schedules, and deadlines that the entire team must understand and work on. The communication to convey this variety of information must be clear and effective so that it can be understood by the whole team.

Effective communication is essential to increase productivity and team morale. Imagine if you as a project manager provide work instructions in a language that is difficult to understand and ineffective, surely it can disrupt the rhythm of teamwork and reduce the chances of project success, right?

5. Perform Budget Calculations

The budget is the most important aspect of working on a project. Before starting a project, the project owner and project manager must have communicated the amount of budget required by the project they are working on.

However, the budget calculations for the pre-production and execution stages have a big chance of being off the mark. The opportunity for cost overrun is also very high in a project, especially if the environment around the project changes unexpectedly, for example, the global Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the project manager must carefully monitor the use of the budget in the project he is carrying. The project manager must, as much as possible, ensure that the budget spent is used effectively and efficiently.

5. Problem and Crisis Mitigation

Problems and crises in a project can occur at any time. This is where the project manager’s skill in handling problems and controlling crises is tested. To anticipate this, the project manager must plan problems and crises even from the pre-production stage of the project. This is to map potential problems that are likely to arise and design solutions to deal with them in the future.

6. Monitoring of Project Progress Based on Blueprint

Blueprint itself is a detailed framework that forms the basis for the creation, strategy formulation, program implementation, work focus, and implementation that must be carried out by the work environment unit. If during the project execution there are things that change or deviate from the blueprint, then the project manager’s responsibility is to communicate it to the team concerned so that their work is back on-the-track. However, if these changes have to be made for one reason or another, then this must be adjusted by reallocating the work unit based on existing resources.

7. Creating a Report for Stakeholders

The project manager’s responsibility that is no less important is to make project documentation in a report for stakeholders. Apart from you and your team, stakeholders certainly need reports to check project progress. This report will contain detailed information about the status of project progress and how much budget has been issued. In the final stage of the project, this report will be collected by the project manager and archived after receiving approval from the relevant parties. In the future, this report will serve as a reference for project managers when undertaking other similar projects.

That’s the role and responsibility of a project manager that you should know. Find out more about project management insights here with Tomps.id!


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