Get to Know Indonesian’s Building Management Companies

By Yuni Ayuningsih | Published On: 26 March 2023
Get to Know Indonesian’s Building Management Companies

To support economic development, industrial development will continue to be increased by the government. This effort will certainly be a concern for building management companies to support this. It would be better if building management companies also improve their performance so that they become targets for office buildings to be built. This article will discuss several Indonesian’s building management companies that will help you choose good building maintenance.

What is Building Management?

According to Wikipedia, building management is a subcategory of facility management that refers to the operation, maintenance and repair of properties. This aims to keep the building in good condition.

This building management activity is to maintain and maintain so that facilities and infrastructure can be utilized for a long period of time. In addition, its activities are inseparable from rent, rental income, owner-tenant relations, maintenance complaints, regulation of building regulations and policies, and overall building management.

Building Management Objectives

The purpose of a building management company is to ensure that the buildings and equipment in them are in good condition and can attract investors to do business in the properties they manage by providing good service with the aim of maximum occupancy.

Building management aims to keep buildings and services fully usable in an efficient and economical way. It covers a wide range of capabilities which are affected by the expected occupancy and performance level of the building. Planning work to preserve buildings requires a high level of professionalism. Maintenance feedback should also be an ongoing process to improve the design and construction phases.

Other objectives are:

  1. Maintain machinery, buildings and services, in good operating condition.
  2. To restore it back to its original default, and
  3. To improve facilities in accordance with developments in the field of building engineering. All the buildings have deteriorated since their completion. The degree of damage depends on a number of factors. Not all factors can be controlled by building occupants.

Building Management Function

The Building Management Company has several main functions, including:

  1. Facility Management: Ensure that building facilities such as elevators, air conditioning, and lighting systems function properly and are well maintained.
  2. Security: Manage building security by carrying out routine checks, monitoring entry and exit, and ensuring that proper security procedures are followed.
  3. Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance to ensure that the building remains in good condition and ensure that any problems that arise are corrected promptly.
  4. Guest Services: Handle guest inquiries and complaints and ensure that they have a good experience when visiting the building.
  5. Recording and Reporting: Recording and reporting important information such as energy usage, water usage, and number of guests.
  6. Spatial Arrangements: Ensure that the use of building spaces is carried out according to plan and ensure that these spaces are available when needed.
  7. Environmental Care: Carry out environmental maintenance to ensure that buildings are kept clean and green, and ensure that pollution and other environmental problems are properly controlled.


Example Of Application Of Building Management

Some of the best practices in building management in building maintenance, including:

  1. Mapping assets

Correct identification of assets and mapping makes the team’s work easy. This makes it easier to see where the next work order is or where a crash was reported.

  1. Consider the entire life cycle of the equipment

To ensure the availability and reliability of all equipment, it is important to consider all phases of the asset life cycle (design, acquisition, use and maintenance, and disposal). During the design phase it is very important to understand the user requirements, design criteria, quality and maintenance costs they will have throughout the life cycle.

  1. Creating economies of scale

Another good practice in property management is to try to provide equipment that is compatible with existing equipment, making it easier to use and maintain. This not only reduces the number of spare parts available, but also allows for simplified technician training.

  1. Adaptation to IoT

If the goal of property maintenance is to keep the building in good condition and continue to serve its purpose, don’t give up. Installing IoT connected devices and upgrading buildings is definitely one of the best practices in property management.

  1. Communicate clearly and transparently

Clear and transparent communication with room users is necessary to understand their goals (eg “lighting in all rooms”) and subjective needs (eg “increase corridor brightness”).

  1. Define responsibilities and create an SLA (A service-level agreement)

Since the mixed model is the most common, it is necessary to define internal and external responsibilities to avoid conflict. It is important to create communication channels and SLAs with specific performance indicators.

  1. Train employees

It is very important to train technicians and workers in the use of safety devices and systems. Many managers invest in tools that employees don’t know how to use properly, which has a negative impact on asset management and ROI (Return on Investment).


Indonesian’s Building Management Companies

  1. Tomps

Tomps is one of the incubated companies and is a digital product from PT. Telkom Indonesia. Tomps has a Building Operation Management System product that can help your company maintain buildings. Tomps provides several features in it including:

  • Data Management, building a data center to facilitate unit data management, payment collection, tenants, facilities, technicians, and services.
  • Cashless Payment, efficient in payment, tracking, billing and settlement with various sources of funds (SoF) such as Building Rent/IPL, Electricity, Water, Facilities and Services On Demand.
  • Smart Security, For emergency conditions, quick access and get fast response from security management. A list of public assistance centers is also available in full and can be accessed quickly.
  • Smart Information System, providing the latest information to all tenants in an efficient and inexpensive way. Tenants will receive that info in real-time.
  • Easy Complaint Handling, report problems found around the residence instantly. Each report completion progress will be informed to tenants in real-time and transparently.
  • New Revenue Generator, providing a new revenue generator for operators (BM) with a sustainable business scheme through digital ads and digital marketing.
  • Maintenance, tenants can easily get information and monitor maintenance schedules around the residence.
  • Service on Demand, request and negotiate incidental tenant needs with BM. Deal and complete payment
  1. Ardeka Cipta Pratama

One of the building maintenance service providers is PT. Ardeka Cipta Pratama. This company provides Building Operation Maintenance & Management (BOMM) services, which are carried out regularly by professional staff in each building. BOMM aims to ensure that the building is always well maintained and that the occupants of the building feel comfortable and safe. Likewise, building owners don’t have to bother taking care of building maintenance & operations so they can focus on running their main business. For this reason, PT. Ardeka Cipta Pratama (ACP) is here to provide integrated BOMM services which include inspection, tidying, cleaning, replacement and repair of building facilities and infrastructure.

BOMM components consist of Engineering, Housekeeping, Gardener/Landscaping, General Cleaning and One Time Cleaning services.

  1. Briks

Briks is an Indonesian’s building management companies that engaged in property management and construction services. Briks has a Building Management product which is a building management and maintenance service and has other products under it, namely Building Management, MEP Audit and Building Operations, Technical Assistant, Estate Management/Area Management, Parking Management, and Property Management Training.

  1. PT.Usaha Gedung Mandiri

PT. Usaha Gedung Mandiri is a company engaged in the property business. Has services in the form of Building Management products which include building management services, operation, maintenance, and building repairs along with building Mechanical Electrical (ME) equipment, including; Generators, air conditioners, key telephone/PABX, fire hydrants, splinkers, pumps and building utility equipment.

  1. PT. Sinergi Properti Pratama

PT. Sinergi Properti Pratama is a company that provides construction services, building management and health services. The company applies the principles of international asset management standards, by considering and optimizing various priorities for the use and maintenance of assets. Has service products namely Maintenance & Engineering and House Keeping. The services related to Operation and Maintenance that we provide include:

  • Generator Operation and Maintenance
  • Compressor/Vacuum Operation and Maintenance
  • Operation and Maintenance of Elevators/Escalators
  • HVAC Operation and Maintenance
  • BAS Operation and Maintenance
  • Operation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment
  • Operation and Maintenance of STP/WWTP/WTP

Indonesian’s building management companies has great potential along with the increasing development in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. The construction of office buildings has now expanded to several major cities in line with economic growth and business development. As explained in this article, there are many building management service providers in Indonesia. By prioritizing service, Tomps is now transforming and developing to support increased building construction by providing Building Operation Management System services. Which will help you manage the building effectively and efficiently only through mobile and web-based all in one digital applications.

Building Operation

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