Maximizing Project Performance with Project Management Application

By Gebiya Putri | Published On: 5 June 2022
Maximizing Project Performance with Project Management Application

Working on a project without a hitch, who doesn’t want to? In reality, project workers often experience various obstacles because they are still focused on the manual way of managing projects. Based on data from PwC stated that only 44% of project managers have used project management applications that have been proven to improve project performance and satisfaction. What about the remaining 44%? The majority still use manual methods such as spreadsheets. Are you one of them?


Problems often encountered in project management

    In doing project management, a project manager is required to do various ways so that the project runs effectively and efficiently. However, during the project only very few run without problems 100%. The following are the main problems that often hinder the progress of the project, namely:

1. Limited resources

The basic thing in running a project is the presence of resources capable of running the project. From the very beginning of the planning process, it is necessary to determine how many resources are needed to work on the project and what kind of capabilities are required. To anticipate the occurrence of limited resources, a project manager needs to understand how to manage a team so that they can carry out their duties and explore their potential according to project needs. Don’t let an incompetent team make the project not complete or even fail.

2. Inaccurate reports and realization

Making project progress reports is one of the skills that must be possessed by team members, such as an admin. However, the admin cannot alone make accurate project reports without coordination and communication between fields regarding project developments. It should be understood that the report the realization will minimize further problems that may arise. For this reason, the project manager needs to periodically educate the team so that they can coordinate well and prepare reports correctly.

3. Long decision making

Every project must have problems and the problems of every project will be different. That’s why project management is considered an art where the attitude and role of the project manager will determine the direction of the project’s success. If a project manager is not responsive to the problem at hand and makes a long-term decision it will have further repercussions. It is better if the project manager identifies the problem sooner, the various risks of old decision-making will be more resolved. Quick to make a decision doesn’t mean being in a hurry! But still, pay attention to the risks that exist.

4. The project is delayed from the schedule it should be

Delayed projects can be caused by many factors whether it’s from human resources, materials needed, stuck budget, or other things. However, it should be underlined that the project should not be delayed because the team’s performance is not effective and efficient which can be anticipated if using various tools/applications that focus on maintaining work effectiveness and efficiency.

5. Exceeding the predetermined budget

What is often overlooked is not recording in detail the expenses during the project. Sometimes small expenses that have a high intensity are often neglected so that the costs exceed the budget they should be. For this reason, the project manager must routinely control how the project’s financial condition remains to the original plan.


Project management application benefits

Now is the time to be ready to face the digital era so that project performance can run more effectively and efficiently by using project management applications. When compared to manual methods such as spreadsheets, of course, project management applications have many advantages, namely:

1. Easily manage multiple projects and programs in one place

Without a place to store all project information, it is difficult to see the progress of the project that has been taking place regularly and quickly. With the project management application, you can access the progress of projects and what programs are in progress.

2. Keep project details in one place

If you use the manual method, namely spreadsheets, you cannot add detailed information in one place. As a result, project information is scattered across multiple files and it is a waste of time to search for those files. But if you use a project management application, then all files can be stored in the same place so there is no need to create multiple files. What’s more, project management applications can be accessed by all teams without fear of being lost or scattered.

3. Create and update plans quickly and easily

As we understand that planning is the most important aspect of project management. When using the manual method, you will spend a lot of time creating new plans. With a project management application, you don’t need to create it manually because there are direct features that make it easy for you.

4. Can monitor budget management

By utilizing a project management application, it will be easier for you to organize and manage project budgets in detail. Also, the project management application has access that makes it easier for stakeholders to approve budget management in real-time

5. See project progress in real-time

The existence of a project management application will help project managers to collect, track, approve and monitor project progress in real-time without having to go to the project site.

6. Projects finish faster

A project management application will help you accurately prioritize, estimate, track, bill, and report. With these various conveniences, it will certainly make the project timeline run more efficiently and on time.


Sample Project Management Application

1. Monday

Confused about choosing the right template to manage each to-do list according to your project? Monday provides a variety of templates that facilitate your project according to your needs. This application offers more than 200 workflows that you can use. So you don’t have to worry anymore about what the ideal shape and design of a project should look like. Not only that but Monday is also integrated with other platforms, namely Gmail if you need it at any time.

2. TeamGantt

This application offers a Gantt Chart viewing experience where you can do the planning, scheduling, and project management in one application. The app also offers a feature to invite clients and teams to collaborate on your project’s Gantt Chart.

3. Tomps

If you need a project management application with a professional feel, sharing strategic features and being able to manage small to large scale, then Tomps is the solution. Why? The Tomps application has various features to manage projects end-to-end including:

  • Project scheduling
  • Planner
  • Completion
  • Project tracking
  • Project cost
  • Project Appraisal
  • Document & Evidence respiratory
  • Unlimited cloud
  • Gantt chart dan S-curve
  • Geo map tagging dan visualization
  • API Integration
  • Customization friendly

With the various advantages of Tomps, it is natural to be very effective in completing your project. To understand more deeply the following efficiency and effectiveness after using Tomps, namely:

  • Securing Capex

With Tomps, you can optimally control your capital expenditure budget. At Tomps there are smart features that it increases the opportunity for maximum budget absorption

  • Oppurtunity loss and profit

After using Tomps, it will minimize the chance of loss and maximize efficiency and profit

  • Customization by operating model

Tomps has the feature of tailoring your project requirements specific to your needs. This can maximize the ease of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and monitoring the progress of your project.

  • On cloud dan on premise

Provides easy options for managing project data on loud and on the promise. This will eliminate the need for piles of scattered project documents and limited spreadsheet storage space.


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