Improving the Effectiveness of Boarding House Bill Management and Property Finance with Modern Technology: JLJ Group Indonesia with Tomps Building

By Pryastuti Handhayani | Published On: 20 October 2023
Improving the Effectiveness of Boarding House Bill Management and Property Finance with Modern Technology: JLJ Group Indonesia with Tomps Building

Rapid global development has brought significant changes in the digitization of various activities. This phenomenon brings positive benefits in the form of flexibility in the implementation of activities. This encourages many companies, including JLJ Group Indonesia, to utilize digital services to meet their business needs. JLJ Group Indonesia recognizes the importance of adopting modern technology in improving efficiency and success in managing their properties.

Property billing and financial management is a key element in rental businesses such as boarding houses. With efficient management, financial problems can be avoided, tenant satisfaction levels can be improved, and profitability can be optimized. However, JLJ Group Indonesia, in the midst of many complex financial bills, faces challenges, and managing multiple properties in different locations conventionally can cause delays in decision-making, difficulties in monitoring complaints in real-time, and the risk of data errors. Therefore, the company needed to find a modern solution that could help them overcome these issues.

Tomps Building, as a digital building management platform from Tomps by Telkom Indonesia, brings innovative and efficient solutions to the complex challenges of billing management. With advanced digital technology, Tomps Building gives JLJ Group Indonesia the ability to manage its properties in a more organized and structured manner. The platform allows the management team to easily monitor and manage multiple properties simultaneously without having to travel to physical locations. Information regarding financial management and billing, complaints from tenants, as well as other potential issues can be accessed quickly and accurately through this platform.

As a company that owns many properties, in this case boarding houses, efficiency and accuracy in managing boarding house bill management is a priority for Oasis Boarding House owned by JLJ Group Indonesia. This is where Tomps Building comes in as a modern solution to solve complex boarding house billing management problems.

The Application of Tomps Building in Oasis Boarding House owned by JLJ Group Indonesia

Tomps Building, an innovation from the Tomps company that has successfully completed more than 40,000 projects throughout Indonesia since 2017, has proven its reliability in improving property management and operational efficiency, especially for Oasis Kost owned by JLJ Group Indonesia.

The Tomps Building Platform stands out with a variety of advanced features, such as a user-friendly dashboard display, structured building management, flexible technician scheduling, real-time monitoring in bill management, effective team coordination, and various other features that support companies in running properties more efficiently and effectively.

All data and documents related to financial billing are securely integrated in the Tomps Building platform, making it easy to manage billing and financial management and make the right decisions, just in time.

With Tomps Building, JLJ Group Indonesia's Oasis Boarding House can maximize their property management and improve operational efficiency. This will have a positive impact on their business growth and increase competitiveness in an increasingly competitive market.

Benefits of Tomps Building for Oasis Boarding owned by JLJ Group Indonesia

Transparency in Bill Management

One of the key points in uncomplicated bill management is transparency. Bills to tenants should be clear and easy to understand. This can be achieved by providing complete details about rent, utilities, and other additional costs. With high transparency, Oasis Kost will not be confused about what tenants are paying, and this will avoid unnecessary questions and conflicts.

Bill management is at the core of sound finances in the property business. With a good strategy and the help of Tomps Building and property finance services, efficient bill management is something that can be achieved. With good bill management, JLJ Group Indonesia's Oasis Kost can ensure tenant satisfaction, avoid late payments, and improve operational efficiency. Thus, efficient bill management is the key to success in the property rental business.

Monitor and Analyze Bills

Good bill management also includes careful monitoring and analysis. By monitoring bills and payments regularly, you can identify tenant payment patterns and identify if there are tenants who are frequently late in payments. This analysis can help you take appropriate steps to improve your bill management.

In an increasingly digitized world, property management software is a property manager's best friend. The right software can automate the billing process, generate billing reports quickly, and even allow tenants to pay bills online. With Tomps Building, Oasis Boarding House will save valuable time and reduce the risk of human error in bill calculation.

Digitalization of Broadcast Information with Tenants

Digitalization has changed the way we interact with the world around us, including in property management. In an apartment, boarding house, or commercial building environment, digitizing information to tenants is a revolutionary step that has made property management easier.

Digitization of information also includes bills and payments. Tenants can access their bills, payment history, and other important financial information through the Tomps Building platform. This financial transparency gives tenants confidence that their bills are accurate and helps avoid conflicts.

Complaints and Emergency Services

Digitizing information also allows tenants to report problems or complaints easily. Through the Tomps Building platform, tenants can submit repair requests or emergency service reports quickly. This speeds up the response of the property management team in dealing with issues, which ultimately increases tenant satisfaction.

Digitizing information to tenants through Tomps Building is a step forward in property management. It allows Oasis Kost to provide better services, ensure tenants get important information in real-time, and improve operational efficiency. This digitization is not just about technology, but also about improving tenant satisfaction and creating a better environment for all parties involved in this JLJ Group Indonesia property management.


Tomps Building has proven to be an efficient and effective modern solution in improving boarding house property management for JLJ Group Indonesia's Oasis Kost. With this digital building management platform, Oasis Kost has experienced many important benefits in their journey in managing buildings and facilities.

The platform's ability to monitor properties in real-time without having to physically be on site, gives Oasis Kost better visibility into the development of their boarding properties and more effective management of facilities. The management of complaints at the boarding properties has become more structured, making it easier for JLJ Group Indonesia's management team to identify potential delays or property developments more quickly. More efficient collaboration and a high level of data transparency in this platform allows the various property teams in JLJ Group Indonesia to work synergistically, face challenges together, and achieve their goals.

In addition, Tomps Building is also a tool that helps JLJ Group Indonesia better manage the risk of boarding properties. Through sophisticated data analysis, the company can identify potential risks and take appropriate preventive measures. This helps maintain the stability of the boarding houses, reduce potential disruptions, and ensure smooth progress towards the expected success.

By adopting modern technology through Tomps Building, JLJ Group Indonesia has optimized operational efficiency and improved the quality of their boarding house property management. In the rapidly evolving digital era, platforms like Tomps Building are key to maintaining the company's competitiveness and success in an increasingly complex and competitive market. With a commitment to continuously adopt digital innovation, JLJ Group Indonesia is ready to face future challenges and achieve their vision as experts in building and facility management. For more information about Tomps Building, visit the website

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