Project Success Parameters and Project Success Tips

By Admin Tomps | Published On: 26 January 2024
Project Success Parameters and Project Success Tips

The parameters for the success of a project are divided into three and should be planned from the early stages of the project. Project success is something that must be considered carefully in project management. Pay attention to the 3 parameters for project success below before planning your next project. crop-people-making-corrections-draft.jpg

3 Project Success Parameters

Success parameters are one part of the initial planning which must be a benchmark during the development process and become the initial goal. The following are the three parameters for the success of a construction project:

  1. Project Budget

Every business certainly has to think about the budget so as not to experience losses, this also applies to construction projects. Budget is an important method in selecting the right construction contractor for the job. Create a firm budget based on independent cost estimates for the work. By knowing how much the contractor usually costs for the work you want to complete. A good budget plan can reduce extra costs that increase.

In a project, there is always the possibility of budget overruns. This is normal and usually predictable from the start. Even if there is a cost overrun but it is not too far from the initial plan, then the project is actually considered a success. The total cost of the project plus unforeseen costs and work modifications that do not deviate too much from the original plan will be considered a success.

2.Design and Construction Quality

The design phase is also one of the most important elements in a construction project. Each project has its own design with its own reasons and goals. Consider whether the overall theme or style of the building and each room is appropriate or not. Additionally, consider how well the construction team you choose is able to handle the design.

In order to get the right design that meets your expectations and goals, make sure to get a portfolio of a designer or architect who has experience in a similar field. This method can also help avoid going over budget and running into unexpected problems. Apart from that, of course a specific Quality Plan must be created first so that it can serve as a benchmark during project work.

The final construction results should not deviate from the Quality Plan, which is the quality measure or reference at the final stage. If the final result matches or is not too far from the Quality Plan, it is considered successful. On the other hand, if there are too many deviations, it will certainly be considered a failure.

3.Work Schedule

Lastly, the work schedule should be part of the construction project work plan. To avoid problems, avoid making the work duration too short. It is highly recommended to work together and discuss with the contractor or project manager to find the right time duration, that way we can avoid disruption and extra costs.

Be sure to provide site access to contractors performing work on site to avoid project delays. If the project is completed according to the planned duration, it is considered a success. On the other hand, if it turns out to be much later than the estimated time, it is considered less successful. The more working days you add, of course the costs will also increase.

Tips for a Successful Project

three-architects-with-plan-table.jpg Apart from the three project success parameters above, there are also several things that need to be considered so that the construction project is successful. Among others are:

  1. Smooth Communication Between Contractor and Project Owner

Ensure that there is open communication between the contractor and the project owner. The first step to creating good communication starts with negotiating clearly at the start. During these discussions, the project owner must clearly convey what he wants and the contract must also clearly state the requirements of both parties. That way, both the contractor and the project owner have clear expectations for the project.

A clear contract will explain exactly what the obligations, risks and overall agreement are. Open communication ensures that if there is a problem it will be handled quickly and efficiently. 2. Pay attention to details Look for a contractor who will pay close attention to detail. This includes a resume that involves the contractor's portfolio, optimal safety measures, successfully working on difficult renovations, and already having considerable experience working on the type of construction you want to build. Getting advice from acquaintances or business colleagues is fine, but it still has to be filtered seriously because the needs of each project owner are certainly different. Even though the building style is the same, the details may be different. 3. Plan well Construction projects are very detailed, therefore the planning process is very crucial. Whether it's building from scratch, renovating, or remodeling, everything must be planned well.

Even planned construction projects may experience disruptions and changes, especially projects that were not planned at all. Make sure to plan in detail so you can be successful. 4. Be Honest About Costs Construction projects, whatever the type, definitely require large costs. Therefore, to ensure that the construction project remains within the budget plan and does not experience overruns, it is necessary to be honest about costs. Discussions about costs should be as open as possible and not hidden. That way, the contractor will understand what steps must be taken to meet the budget. Be sure to choose a contractor who makes very detailed budget estimates. It would be even better if the contractor prepared a detailed control estimate, which estimates the additional costs. This estimate will give an idea if in the future there will be changes in various aspects. 5. Limit Distractions The construction process is generally carried out from morning to evening, but some projects are also carried out at night. The aim of choosing this time is to limit distractions. Construction on busy roads, for example, must be carried out at night when the roads are not in use. Meanwhile, if construction is carried out in the middle of a housing complex, for example, of course it must be done from morning to evening so as not to disturb local residents.

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