Tomps Makes Extraordinary Achievements in 2023

By Admin Tomps | Published On: 26 June 2023
Tomps Makes Extraordinary Achievements in 2023

Accelerating global development has an impact on the digitization of various activities. This digitization leads to more flexible implementation of activities. With this convenience, many companies have begun to provide digital services to their businesses.

In the era of growing digitalization, the need for effective and efficient management solutions is becoming increasingly important for companies. One solution that has proven successful in meeting these needs is Tomps. Tomps is one example of a company that does business in terms of digitizing management processes. Tomps is a digital platform that provides mobile and web-based collaborative management services, with a focus on the ease of managing company needs through online supervision.

Since 2018, Tomps has become a digital solution that allows customers to manage and monitor various activities online ranging from projects, assets, buildings, to programs. With Tomps, the management process can be done through mobile and web in real-time without the need to come directly to the place of activity implementation. One of the main advantages of Tomps is its ability to simplify the company's management process through the use of digital technology. By using an intuitive mobile application and web platform, users can easily manage various company needs, ranging from daily tasks, schedules, projects, to financial management. In addition, Tomps also provides various types of packages so that it can reach the operational needs and cost availability of customers.

In 2021, Tomps began its go to market strategy. To achieve its business goals, Tomps targets product marketing to several industry sectors according to the type of product provided so that customer targets are more focused. In Tomps Project, the target customers are companies that have various types of projects with a certain period of time. Companies that have used Tomps Project products include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Communication and Information and Bank Indonesia. Then Tomps Asset is targeted at companies that require inventory of valuable property so that customers can find out the accuracy and availability of existing goods. The Indonesian Ministry of SOEs is one of the companies that has entrusted and used Tomps as its asset management solution. The Tomps Program itself is targeted at companies that have charter program needs and monitoring benefits so that the series will match the portfolio strategy. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has entrusted Tomps to monitor several programs they are working on, namely five DPSP (Super Priority Tourism Destinations), ten DSP (Super Priority Destinations), and RAN (National Action Plan). Meanwhile, Tomps Building is targeted at housing or apartment development companies that need services in terms of building and residence management, such as information on water, security, or electricity bills that must be paid by each resident. The trust given by these institutions shows the reliability and quality of the solutions offered by Tomps.

The various conveniences provided by Tomps have attracted many customers to work together and collaborate in accelerating company development. Until 2023, Tomps has been trusted by more than 60 companies to help solve customer management problems. Yodya Karya and the Ministry of PUPR RI are among the Tomps customers who have shared their experiences while using Tomps products. This is what they said:

"Full systems and features are quite complete presented from Tomps which can be useful for other projects. Customization is very helpful, especially our request for an Executive Dashboard. It is very useful at a high level, to all projects it is very helpful."-Septiyan E, Wibisana (Project Deliverables Responsible Yodyakarya)

"Tomps is very suitable for large-scale projects that have specific needs. Tomps also has an end-to-end feature where it can carry out project management activities from upstream to downstream through only one application."-Prof. Dr. Manlin Ronald, S.T, M.T., D.Min (Board of LPJK PUPR RI)

Not only has Tomps attracted many customers to work with and collaborate with, it has been recognized for its outstanding achievements. In 2022, Tomps was named the winner of the Asia Pacific Steview Awards, a highly respected award in the field of business and technology and was also named the Best Benefit Contributor Leap Awards. Furthermore, in 2023, Tomps also won the internal Ramadan & Idul Fitri Program Best Storytelling award, reaffirming the excellence and creativity of the Tomps platform.

Tomps' achievement in getting the award cannot be separated from the dedication of a talented team and a strong commitment to providing the best collaborative management solutions to customers. This award is certainly a stepping stone for Tomps to continue to innovate and expand its positive impact in helping companies and organizations to provide trusted, secure, and easy-to-use digital solutions for users.

In today's digital era, the management system has become a valuable treasure that must be maintained and organized. This system arrangement is already underway with government initiatives related to accelerating digital transformation and strengthening the technology ecosystem. The utilization of good management system governance is expected to be implemented in all domestic agencies as an effort to boost the digital management ecosystem in the country.

Arif Fajaruddin, CEO of Tomps, said that the Tomps management system has real-time evidence of planning, asset, project, and building information in this case such as overall job monitoring, work categories, physical realization, and the latest work status constraints in the field.

"There are many benefits that can be used in the management system application for monitoring, because the system indirectly has knowledge of the entire process, and it becomes easier to control the budget, scheduling, planning and communication becomes more effective because it is in one door," he explained.

In this case, Tomps is one of the executors of digital transformation, which in this case emphasizes ease of management through collaborative management systems for planning, projects, assets, and buildings.

Tomps continues to innovate to continue to meet the needs and provide higher quality services for customers. Join Tomps and entrust your management affairs to be more effective.

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