Two Thumbs Up! 7 Sustainability Projects at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

By Meidiana Apriliani | Published On: 1 August 2021
Two Thumbs Up! 7 Sustainability Projects at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Have you ever heard about project sustainability? One of the best examples of this project type can be found at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

After being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tokyo 2020 Olympics were finally officially held. In this event, Japan totally realized their main theme, “Be better, together – For the planet and the people”.

Japan has even been compact in inviting its citizens since 2019 to participate in collecting recycled waste which will be transformed into 5,000 championship medals. Not only that, there are various sustainability projects or other green projects in this Olympics which are no less impressive.

Lowering Emissions Using Low Pollution Vehicles

Tokyo 2020 Olympics has a challenging target for this year’s event. Yes, they want to reduce CO2 emissions on the road by targeting 100% of participating vehicles, both cars and buses, during the Olympics to use low-pollution and fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Japanese government goes the extra mile to achieve this using fuel cell and plug-in hybrid vehicle types (hybrid electric vehicles whose batteries can be recharged by plugging them into an external power source, as well as by the engine and generator). Japan hopes that the use of low-pollution and fuel-efficient vehicles will ensure the average CO2 emission intensity (g-CO2/km) in vehicles used during the Tokyo Olympics is at a low level.

5,000 Medals Made From Recycled Waste!

For the first time in the history of the Olympics and Paralympics, all the medals at Tokyo 2020 have been recycled. At least, there were 78,985 tons of small electronic devices and 6.21 million cellphone waste collected from April 2017 to March 2019 to make 5,000 medals in this one sport event.

The Eco-Friendly Torch and Torchbearer Uniforms 

Not only medals, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch and the uniforms of the bearers are also made from recycled plastic and aluminum bottles. In collaboration with soft drink manufacturers, the committee collected plastic and aluminum bottles to make eco-friendly torches and clothing. Two thumbs up!

The Podium is Also Made From Recycled Product Waste

The Japanese community is also invited to donate recycled household plastic waste products, including marine plastic waste, to build an Olympic podium. This also marks the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as the first time in Olympic and Paralympic history to use podiums and medals from recycled plastic waste. Residents who wish to donate their used plastic can find container parking available at more than 2,000 retailers across the cities.

Olympic Venue Using Renewable Energy

In an effort to echo the low-carbon Olympics, Japan chooses to use electrical energy that comes from 100% renewable energy. One of the systems used is a solar power generation system. Some locations that have started to implement this system include the Athlete Village, International Broadcasting Center (IBC), and Main Press Center (MPC). Not only that, renewable energy systems are also installed at the Olympic Stadium, Ariake Arena, and the Tokyo Aquatic Center.

Target Visitor Waste Recycling Up to 65%

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to attend, Japan also predicts the amount of waste that will be generated by these visitors. Starting from food waste, plastic packaging waste, single-use plastic bags, and others. To overcome this, Tokyo 2020 targets to recycle up to 65% of waste generated from Olympic operations.

Stadium With Environmentally Friendly System

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics also never cease to amaze by effectively utilizing water resources by recycling rainwater. Not only that, stadium grass is also made from raw materials that can be replanted. The new stadium design in this year’s Olympics also makes water use up to 66% more efficient compared to the previous stadium design.

In addition to the Oi Hockey Stadium, which has already implemented a rainwater recycling system, a total of five other places will implement this environmentally friendly system. Such as Ariake Arena, Sea Forest Waterway, Tokyo Aquatics Center, Kasai Canoe Slalom Center and Yumenoshima Park Archery Field.

What is the Sustainability Perspective in Project Management?

According to the APM Body of Knowledge 7th Edition, sustainability in project management is a business approach that balances the environmental, economic, and social aspects of project-based work which of course must prioritize the wishes of stakeholders but without burdening future generations.

Project sustainability involves balancing various aspects. Such as environmental aspects (climate change), society (community), economy (purchasing power), to health and security. When there is a balance between these elements in the project we are working on, then we can be said to have built sustainability in the project.

You can imagine that managing a sustainability project is certainly not simple, right? Including what the Japanese government is currently doing in the current Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Despite the complexity of the various elements that must be balanced in project sustainability, the project itself is already known as a complicated, tiring, but challenging job. To face this challenge, Tomps, professional project management tools, are ready to help you simplify various tiring project activities.

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