Understand the Scope of Project Management and its Benefits!

By Vivian Arletta Rahmadanty | Published On: 24 October 2023
 Understand the Scope of Project Management and its Benefits!

Project Scope 

Scope, or scope quoted from ProofHub, is part of the process of project planning, which involves detailed documentation of the results that will be involved in project implementation. The scope can function as a guide to clarify the project goals and the steps that must be taken to achieve the goals. 

Scope in Project Management 

As quoted from Investopedia, the meaning of project scope refers to the combination of objectives and requirements needed to complete a project. The term scope, often referred to as scope, is often used in project management and consulting. By accurately determining the scope of a project, a manager can estimate the costs and time required to complete the project. This makes scope management one of the essential things in a company, namely that it can help optimize efficiency and save resources. 

The project scope is a detailed description that covers all aspects related to the project, including stakeholder identification, project resource allocation, schedule, deliverables, and other project-related activities. It details all stages of the process and answers fundamentals such as the nature of the project and what is and is not included in the project.

Project Scope vs. Product Scope

Apart from the project scope, there is also the concept of product scope. These two concepts have significant differences. In short, the project scope describes the work that must be done to produce a specific product, service, or result. Sometimes, the term “project scope” can include the scope of the product as an integral part of the project, but it is best to describe the two terms separately. The product scope defines the features and functions contained in the project deliverables that will be produced. This helps to clearly understand what the project aims to achieve and what it will deliver in the form of a product or service.

For example, if you are involved in a project to create a website, the project scope will involve all aspects of project management, such as planning, budget monitoring, and schedule control, while the product scope will focus on the technical aspects that describe how the website should be defined and function, including the number of pages, display design, and required interactive features.

Understanding Documents in Project Scope

In the project scope (scope), there is the term document. A project scope document is a written representation of the scope of a project. The scope document can be part of the project plan or can stand alone as a separate document, depending on the level of complexity of the project. Then, when collaborating with internal teams or external teams such as agencies, you have the option to turn the project scope document into a statement of work (SOW) to strengthen your agreements with partners or vendors.

Steps in Determining the Project Management Scope

1. Make a project plan.

The first step in determining the scope of a project is to create a plan for how the project will be executed. Making a project plan can help identify important things needed for project implementation.

2. Gather Project Requirements

After determining the project plan, the next step is to collect all the things needed by the project; this includes identifying resource needs and calculating the required funds. This step must be carried out carefully to prevent errors that could disrupt project implementation.

3. Determining the Scope of the Project

Determining the scope of the project can start with understanding the main goals and targets of the project to be achieved, as well as the activities needed to achieve them. After determining the results you want to achieve, you can create a work breakdown structure to create a series of tasks that can be managed well.

After determining the project scope, the next step is to manage the project with project scope management. Using project management software can help organize and manage projects that will be carried out. Tomps Project has a variety of superior features to help manage projects. One of the superior features of the Tomps Project is the Gantt Chart, which can help plan all tasks in the project and organize assignments for team members. Using Tomps Project can help you maximize the efficiency of project management.

4. Project Framework Creation

Creating a project framework is the process of preparing a framework or basic plan that outlines the main tasks and components of the project. This aims to keep projects organized and assignments structured. The project framework can take the form of a diagram or table that maps all the elements involved in the project and how these elements are interconnected. Creating a project framework helps in planning, tracking, and managing the project as a whole.

5. Scope Verification

Project scope verification is a process in project management to ensure that all elements in the project scope document are appropriate. The purpose of verification is to check and ensure whether the project is running according to plan and that all elements have been carried out and completed according to the expected final results.

Why is Scope Important?

A crucial stage in project planning is determining the scope of the project, as this helps in envisioning the entire project cycle and ensuring the expected end goal or target is achieved. The first step in project planning is to develop a project scope that details information about the results to be achieved. This is done to keep the project under control. The advantages of establishing a project scope are as follows:

1.Invite all stakeholders to have the same understanding of the project and give them a clear view of the project, thereby helping manage expectations and reducing potential conflicts that may occur.

2.Provide consistent guidelines, providing clear direction in assigning tasks, planning schedules, and managing project budgets.

3.It enables the project team to stay focused on the main goals of the project, making the project more organized.

4.Reduce risks, such as going over budget or expanding the project beyond established limits, by preventing unplanned scope expansion and by keeping the project aligned with its objectives.


Determining the scope of project coverage is an important step in ensuring project success. Through effective management, projects can be implemented and produce the expected results. To create project scope management, a management platform such as Tomps Project, which has superior features, can help control the project. By examining and verifying the project scope, the team can ensure that the project is progressing as planned and meeting expectations. The project scope is an important element to achieve project success and minimize risks that may occur due to uncontrolled changes in the project scope.


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