Why is Project Organizational Structure Important?

By Pryastuti Handhayani | Published On: 25 July 2022
Why is Project Organizational Structure Important?

A project must follow a plan that includes being effectively structured, coordinated, and regulated so that all of the plans that have been established run as expected. To carry out their plans and objectives, projects require an organizational structure. As a result, check the article below for information on the project organization’s structure as well as the duties and responsibilities of each job held.

Understanding the Structure of an Organizational Project

The project organizational structure is an organization that exists within the scope of project work and has a good and responsible cooperative relationship between all relevant elements to achieve success in all forms of work generated, determination, and seamless work. The organizational structure is a formal mechanism that coordinates the actions of its workforce to achieve its aims and objectives, according to PMI’s book The team-friendly organizational structure: a paradigm shift. To remain competitive and efficient, the organization must reorganize regularly. The new environment necessitates a reconsideration of the organization’s strategic goals and assumptions. The organizational structure should be shaped by the company’s strategy.

This shift necessitated new roles and duties, as well as new management methods. Organizations must overcome cultural impediments and anxieties of change to establish new measurements of success. The theory of project organizational structure applies to being able to prescribe a flexible leadership style that adjusts to variations in team maturity levels throughout the project life cycle. It is critical to note that organizational structure and culture have an impact on the organizational structure of the project.

The project organizational structure may also be defined as a method of achieving goals by effectively and efficiently managing and arranging resources, labor, materials, equipment, and capital by establishing a management system based on project requirements.


Objectives of the Project Organizational Structure

Why is a project organization structure required in a business? Of course, the formation of a project organizational structure is not necessary for the absence of a clear purpose, but because there are several types to consider. In this scenario, like anybody who has a significant impact on the success of the project, whether that individual can carry out his obligations well or not.

The objective of the project organizational structure, in addition to identifying authority and duty, is to develop the mechanism and control of the project so that it can function smoothly. Furthermore, the organizational structure is used to classify persons in charge of activities, as well as to identify and divide activities.

Although not all adopt this organizational structure, it may be sufficient for a few people to handle jobs that take only a short time and are straightforward. The larger the project, in contrast to the sort of project that takes a lengthy period, the more complex the organizational structure will be.


Roles and Responsibilities

A project organization title, according to the PMBOK® Guide (2021), is a graphical representation of project team members and reporting connections. Depending on the needs of the project, this can be formal or informal, extremely detailed or vaguely framed. A project organization chart for a 3,000-person disaster response team, for example, would be more complex than one for a 20-person internal project.

As a result, project organization becomes an essential tool in project management and execution. A project organization is said to be successful if it can control three major factors: quality, time, and money. An organization resembles a group of people who collaborate based on their distinct rights, obligations, and responsibilities.

The boundaries of duties and obligations are described in the organization of a project based on their different roles and functions. With these constraints, overlapping duties and responsibilities may be avoided, allowing all problems to be dealt with totally, integrated, and entirely.

1. Project Manager

The first position is that of project manager, which entails planning project implementation operational activities, supervising or assigning project implementation operational tasks, carrying out project implementation operational activities, managing project implementation operations, and overseeing project implementation from beginning to end.

2. Site Engineer

In this case, the Site Engineer assists the project manager in technical planning after the physical contract is signed, in addition to ensuring that all contents of the terms of reference for this work are fulfilled in terms of the implementation of major works and road maintenance, assisting and providing instructions to the team in the field. To find answers to difficulties that originate from either technical or contractual issues, the last step is to evaluate and analyze the test report results.

3. Quality Control Personnel

Controlling quality or testing products in compliance with company quality standards are the general duties and responsibilities of Quality Control Staff. The Quality Control Staff manages existing operational operations, as well as testing both before and after the process of goods or the manufacturing of goods, in addition to managing quality.

4. Site Manager

In this regard, the Site Manager is nearly identical to the Site Engineer; both are assistants to the Project Manager, but the Site Manager has additional authority to evaluate the work in the field in detail and issue directions in the field to subcontractors in line with the authorized work plan. In this situation, the Site Manager is in charge of the whole development in terms of cost, time, and quality; it can be divided into numerous pieces, such as creating IMB, managing PT and CV, and the last one is about licensing.

5. Mechanics

Mechanics are people who work on various project machines and tools. Responsible for testing and adjusting machinery and equipment, as well as project management in compliance with engineering standards.

6. Supervisor

In general, he is accountable and responsible for the individuals who report to him. Maintain your desk in such a way that your subordinates may readily understand it. Supervisors must also direct, manage, and supervise employees.

7. SHE

SHE is an acronym that stands for Safety, Health, and Environment. They are entrusted with developing work programs and K3 to foster a healthy work environment. Examining occupational health and safety and preventing workplace accidents Always remind your employees to obey the rules as outlined in the company’s standard operating procedures.

That concludes the evaluation of the project’s organizational structure and responsibilities. Hopefully, your input will help to improve project management quality.

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