Win a Government Tenders in 7 Simple Steps!

By Andhika Nurrizky Alfarobby | Published On: 19 November 2022
Win a Government Tenders in 7 Simple Steps!

According to Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), the Indonesian government will open approximately 36.8 thousand project tenders or tenders with a total value of IDR 180.07 trillion in 2020. Furthermore, four of the top ten providers or vendors in 2020 are BUMN. The majority of providers were won by SOEs because of administrative readiness, the number of assets used as collateral, tools, and equipment, and the number of assets used as collateral, tools, and equipment.

There is only one tender winner from the private sector on the list above, and that is Sino Road and Bridge Group Co. Ltd. The remainder are state-owned enterprises. In this case, the government has implemented policies and programs that ensure that everyone has a chance to win. In this article, we will look at what a government tender is and how to win one.


What Exactly is a Government Tenders?

Contract opportunities and frameworks issued by public sector organizations for goods, services, utilities, and all other works are referred to as government tenders. In this case, it is an opportunity for BUMN and the private sector to compete in bidding for goods or services to be provided to the central and regional governments.


With secure contracts and favorable payment terms, government tenders can provide opportunities for businesses large and small to generate new revenue streams. The government wants to make contracts more accessible to small businesses. Now could be an excellent time to investigate how your company can benefit.


Prerequisites for Participating in the Tender

Tender projects are usually extremely valuable, with values reaching billions of rupiah. This is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity for business actors to make a lot of money and expand their business scale. However, many private parties need more knowledge and requirements to carry out tenders. Here are some examples taken from the Electronic Procurement Service’s official website. requirements for prospective providers who wish to take part in government tenders.

  • The Company Deed, Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Trade Business License (SIUP), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), and other required qualification documents can demonstrate the legality of the company.
  • Check the local government’s e-procurement portal for procurement information, or visit the relevant agency/agency, such as Eproc.
  • Offer prices and goods or services by applicable conditions such as guarantees, and make high-quality offers.
  • Pay attention to the explanation provided when filling out the bid document and do not change the description in the document.
  • If you win the tender, you must provide goods or services that meet the specifications government auction.


7 Ways to Win a Government Tender

It is relatively simple to participate in a government tender, but it is arguably more difficult to win a tender. So, how do you win the tender and get the project at the best possible price?

1. Do your Research

To create the ideal tender offer, conduct research on the client’s prerequisites, which include an understanding of the government offer, its policies and principles, and the tender requirements. To understand the conditions and project requirements, a thorough examination of the tender documents is required. Additionally, make certain that you will be able to meet capacity requirements in terms of Manpower, Technology, and Experience. Attend all briefings and meeting sessions and ask pertinent questions to demonstrate your unique position to provide services.

2. Analyze the Tender Document

By carefully reading the tender document and analyzing each paragraph, the terms and conditions, and the tender document. Then you’ll have a shared understanding of what’s needed and how the bidding process will work, lowering the risk of mistakes. This is a strategy for winning the contract. Your tender offer must meet all of the requirements outlined in the tender documents and go above and beyond. What should be emphasized is that the government is looking for the most profitable tender.

3. Technology is Key

For several years, Auction Managers, Suppliers, and Contractors have shifted away from paper-based materials and toward bid management software that can track bidding activities in real time. Bid management process automation frees up time to focus on activities that increase your chances of winning.

4. Keep yourself Mindful

Government agencies issue thousands of tenders on the market, and various parties can seek out various opportunities. As a result, it is critical to use advantage as a key factor when bidding with the government against other competitors. Then, keep up to date with information like Tendersinfo to receive real-time global tender alerts that are relevant to your niche. The benefits that can be provided must be in line with the government’s problems. Can you figure it out? Can it go further or just finish? Then, explaining the benefits that set you apart from the competition is an effective way to move closer to success.

5. Stick to the Timelines

Make certain that the bidding proposals are well prepared before the submission deadline. Try not to submit a proposal at the last minute, as this will result in a missed opportunity to submit the document. Late responses reflect poorly on you, and such responses are not accepted by government organizations unless accompanied by conclusive proof of the delay.

6. Subcontracting

Small businesses frequently struggle to win government contracts due to an inability to meet eligibility requirements or a lack of experience. Being a subcontractor is a smart way for SMEs to bid on government contracts because it allows you to work with experienced contractors who can provide you with valuable business insights while also benefiting from participation in government projects. To learn more about subcontracting. Affirmation alone is insufficient. Statistics, case studies, and data must be used to back up your claims and propositions. This is the stage at which you gather all relevant supporting evidence to back up your claims. You cannot build on belief if you have won numerous contracts in a similar field in the past. Demonstrate to the government that you are capable of doing what

7. Proofread

The latter is a minor but critical component of your entire bidding process. This allows you to determine whether you have made a simple spelling or grammatical error and allows you to evaluate your argument. Have you answered all of the questions and fulfilled all of the requirements? Create compelling and credible narratives.


The article provides an overview of what a government tender is and how to win a government tender. By winning the tender, the government will be able to direct the company to future contracts and business tenders. Always keep up to date on the latest project management information with, the flagship for all projects!


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