Building Maintenance Efficiency with Tomps Building: Modern Solutions in Property Management

By Aulia Fajriyati Dzikriyah | Published On: 29 September 2023
Building Maintenance Efficiency with Tomps Building: Modern Solutions in Property Management


Building maintenance is a series of routine actions involving care, repairs, and upkeep performed to maintain the physical and functional condition of a building. The primary goal of building maintenance is to ensure that the building remains safe, comfortable, functions properly, and has a long lifespan.

Building maintenance activities encompass various aspects, such as:

1. Routine Maintenance: Periodically cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting various building components, including the roof, walls, floors, electrical system, plumbing system, and more.

2. Repairs: Addressing specific damages or issues in the building, such as wall cracks, water leaks, structural damage, and so on.

3. Component Replacement: Replacing worn-out or damaged components with new ones, such as windows, doors, roofs, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) devices, and more.

4. System Maintenance: Performing preventive maintenance on building systems, such as cleaning HVAC filters, checking electrical systems, and so forth.

5. Security: Ensuring that the building is equipped with appropriate security systems, including fire alarms, door security systems, and CCTV surveillance.

Building maintenance is crucial for preserving the investment value in a building, avoiding significant repair costs due to neglected damage, and ensuring the comfort and safety of building occupants or users. Additionally, proper maintenance can help reduce negative environmental impacts, as well-maintained buildings tend to be more efficient in energy and material usage.

In this article, we will explore the importance of building maintenance, common challenges faced, and how the Tomps Building application can serve as an efficient solution. We will also examine real-world examples of using this application in property management.

Building Maintenance - Why is it Important?

Based on one of the articles published by thomasnet, building system maintenance is crucial as it ensures the safety and comfort of humans and equipment within the building. Additionally, from a business perspective, regular maintenance can save property owners money and contribute to an increase in property value. Regular building maintenance can create a safer environment. Here are some benefits of implementing building maintenance in your property business:

1. Security and Well-being:

Timely and regular maintenance is key to maintaining the security and well-being of building occupants. Checking electrical systems, sanitation, and cleanliness are essential aspects of maintenance that can impact security and well-being.

2. Increasing Property Value:

Well-maintained buildings typically have higher value. Poor maintenance can lead to structural and aesthetic damage, significantly reducing property value.

3. Avoiding Major Costs:

Regular preventive maintenance can avoid significant repair costs in the future. Replacing a leaking roof or a damaged HVAC system can be much more expensive than routine maintenance.

The Challenges of Building Maintenance

1. Monitoring and Surveillance

Constantly monitoring the condition of a building is a laborious task and requires a large amount of human resources. Property owners or managers often struggle to efficiently monitor and manage maintenance.

2. Difficult Scheduling 

Setting schedules for routine maintenance and repair tasks can be a difficult and complicated task. Coordinating work with various vendors and contractors can also be problematic.

Modern Solutions - Tomps Building

1. What is Tomps Building?

Tomps Building is a property management application system specifically designed to facilitate building maintenance management. This application offers various features that can help in planning, reporting, and monitoring building maintenance in real-time.  

2. Key Features of Tomps Building

a. Real-time Monitoring

Tomps Building allows users to monitor building conditions in real-time. This includes monitoring of HVAC systems, electricity, sanitation, and more. If there are any urgent issues, users will receive immediate notifications.

b. Routine Maintenance Scheduling

The app allows users to create a routine maintenance schedule that can be accessed by all concerned parties. This helps in better planning and ensures that no maintenance task is forgotten.

c. Inventory Management

Tomps Building helps in tracking the inventory used in building maintenance. Users can easily manage the inventory and order the required items online.

d. Easy Reporting

Maintenance personnel can quickly create reports of work completed and issues found. This eases communication between the maintenance team and property management.

e. Performance Analysis

Tomps Building also provides an analytics feature that allows users to evaluate maintenance performance over a period of time. This helps in making better decisions for the future.


Case Study - Use of Tomps Building in Property Management

1. Metropolitan Apartment

A metropolitan apartment management company that owns several high-rise buildings has adopted Tomps Building in their property management. By using this app, they have successfully:

- Improved maintenance efficiency with real-time monitoring.

- Lowered maintenance costs with better planning.

- Increased tenant satisfaction with more responsive maintenance.

2. Corporate Office

A large company with several branch offices across the country has also integrated Tomps Building in their maintenance strategy. The results include:

- More efficient scheduling of routine maintenance.

- Reduced maintenance and emergency repair costs.

- Better monitoring of energy and utility consumption.


Building maintenance is an important component in maintaining the value and functionality of buildings. The purpose of building maintenance is to ensure the maintenance of the building remains in a safe state. With the help of applications like Tomps Building, you can optimize the maintenance process and keep your building in the best condition. Feel free to integrate this technology into your building maintenance strategy for more efficient and effective results. Tomps Building is a modern tool that will help you better achieve this goal.

Now is the right time to take a step towards better building maintenance. Download Tomps Building and optimize your building management today!


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