Improving Work Efficiency Through Optimizing Office Management Resources

by Shalimar Mediana | Published On: 8 May 2023
Improving Work Efficiency Through Optimizing Office Management Resources

The era of globalization requires companies and agencies to continue in making changes. This is very necessary so that companies can continue to survive and compete in the competitive era. Changes that are made by the company need to involve the thinking of individuals, groups and even all of the company's resources. One component of the company that needs to be continuously developed in order to be able to keep up with the globalization era is office management. This the result of office management that has a great influence on the course of a company's business processes.

Definition of Office Management:

Reported from, office management is defined as a job that focuses on improving productivity, efficiency, and working conditions in the office. Office management involves various responsibilities such as budgeting and internal communication, building a warm and comfortable environment, welcoming visitors and new employees, acquiring stationery and office furniture, and so on. While based on the website, the notion of office management is an effort to direct the activities or administrative activities of an office as a whole in order to achieve goals as efficiently as possible and arrangements must be made so that this work can be done properly. Based on those two definitions of office management that have been described, it can be concluded that in essence office management is a series of activities to carry out planning, organizing, directing, supervising and controlling in order to ensure the implementation of certain activities in the context of office work.

5M in Office Management Resources

Before discussing more about office management, we will discuss the resources contained in it first. There are 5 resources which are also known as 5M, they are:


All office employees are human resources in office management. Starting from cleaning service staff, work staff, managers, to the highest leadership.


Office facilities are material resources in office management, including stationery, tables, benches, and all existing non-machine facilities.


Office machines like printers, telephones, etc. It is a machine resource in office management that we need to maintain and use as optimally as possible to support performance at work.


Office methods or procedures such as ways of working, work rules, etc. Is a resource method in office management. These resources need to be obeyed by all people in the organization or company because the method is made as a reference for the company to achieve its goals.


Capital such as budgeting funds that companies allocate specifically for office needs, such as purchasing additional facilities or repairs in the office.

Office Management Role

As previously mentioned, office resources consist of several components, namely humans, physical facilities consisting of materials, machines or equipment and tools as well as money or funds, and non-physical facilities consisting of methods and the market (market) as the party that will receive or use the resulting product. Good and effective management of the three components of office resources will increase high value for the company. The important roles of office management in companies include:

  1. Assist management in making decisions.
  2. Helping other sections provide administrative services.
  3. Help improve customer service.

Office Management Aspects

According to Denyer (Umam, 2014) There are several aspects found in

office management, namely:

  1. Objectives that can be formulated to assess and determine success, direct and coordinate management elements;
  2. The organization includes the activities of preparing the formation of staff and the allocation of tasks for the stef;
  3. Method is the sequence of implementation of the manner and place of implementation of management;
  4. Personnel includes staff recruitment, placement, training, promotion, and termination of employees;
  5. The environment includes office buildings, furniture, and physical conditions in the office;
  6. Machine and equipment includes all inanimate objects used in the office to shape work performance.

The positive benefits of professional office management are:

  1. Enterprise efficiency
  2. Improve the performance or performance of the company
  3. Build a positive image of the company

Office management activities:

  1. Providing effective office organization, in order to achieve company efficiency.
  2. Seeking service & communication facilities, in order to create excellent performance within the company.
  3. Managing the physical environment, in order to create work comfort so that employees are more productive at work.
  4. Create work standards that will be used to evaluate the performance of office work.

Optimization of Office Management Resources

Based on the 5M of office resources, each of these resources is further elaborated to optimize its implementation in office management. The following is the description:

  1. First, people or human resources in office management are very important to be managed properly. Setting work schedules, training employees, providing motivation and rewards can help increase work efficiency and productivity. In addition, leveraging the skills and strengths of employees can also help speed up the completion of tasks. For example, providing competent employees with responsibility and trust can help them achieve better results and improve work efficiency.
  2. Second, optimization of material or material resources is also very important in office management. Good office facilities such as desks, chairs, writing equipment, and other electronic devices can help employees work comfortably and efficiently. Therefore, make sure office facilities are always well maintained and updated. Buying materials or materials efficiently can also save costs and increase work efficiency. For example, buying materials or materials in bulk can provide discounts and reduce shipping costs.
  3. Third, machine resources such as printers, scanners and other software are also very important in office management. Good and well-maintained machine tools can help employees complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. In addition, updating the software regularly can also improve data security and system performance. In this case, it is necessary to consider using cloud-based software or cloud computing that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  4. Fourth, resource methods or office procedures are also very important in office management. Establishing clear work rules and procedures can help reduce confusion and increase work efficiency. In this case, consider adopting effective and efficient work methods such as Agile or Lean Management which have proven successful in increasing work efficiency. Running regular meetings or regular meetings can also help clarify goals and tasks that must be completed.
  5. Fifth, money or capital is an important resource in office management. Limited budgeting funds must be managed efficiently and allocated according to needs. Creating a clear and realistic budget and exercising regular budget control can help avoid waste and unnecessary spending.

In addition, companies can also look for ways to save costs and increase efficiency in the use of material and machine resources. For example, by using facilities and equipment that are more energy efficient or cooperating with suppliers to get better prices on the materials and machines needed.

In managing money or capital, companies must also consider allocating funds for human resource development. Employee training and development can help improve their skills and knowledge, so they can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. In the long run, investing in human capital can help increase a company's productivity and profitability.

In optimizing office management resources, companies must consider other factors that can affect work efficiency. For example, a comfortable and ergonomic work environment can help reduce fatigue and work injuries, so employees can work more effectively. In addition, clear and open communication between employees and management can also help improve work efficiency and create a positive work environment.

Companies must also continue to monitor and evaluate the performance of each element of office resources. Companies must ensure that every resource is used efficiently and effectively, and make changes or adjustments if necessary. In the era of globalization with increasingly fierce business competition, companies must ensure that resources are used optimally to achieve goals. Therefore, efficient and effective office management can help companies achieve long-term success.

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